Photo Gallery

Photos and memories shared at The Retreat over the years. Click a gallery to scroll through the images it contains. 

In the Past...
Line Up
Megan on Jackson
Jackson and a rider
I'm Ready
Ms. Janice and Bucky
Brian on Jackson
All Even
Go that way
Sarah on Baby
The Easter Baby
Hello, Friend
Trot please
Ms. Ann and Fred
Bucky and Digger
Gail waves to the crowd
Maryland Million
On the Track
On the Jumbotron
Trail Ride Time
Bucky and Emma
Registration Crew
Ralph on Tip
Talking to the Judge
Greg on Mambo
Matt on Mambo
All the Ribbons
During the Class
Having a Good Time
The Best Place in the World
Events of 2016
Bucky Enjoys a Sprite
1st Trail Ride
Lily and Breanna
On the Lift
Trail Ride Time
High Five
All Smiles
Caroline and Missy
At the Gate
Barn Kitty
Thorncroft 2016
Gabby at Thorncroft
Matthew on Bella
Gabby on Bella
In the Shade
The Best Place
Pi Ear
Trail Riding
Meeting the Pony!
1st Ride
2-Point Practice
Handsome Boy
Beautiful Bella
Hooves in the Sand
91 and Riding
Gambler at Christmas
Digger at Christmas
Psych at Christmas
Bravo at Christmas
The Year 2017
Bucky at Thorncroft
Bucky helps
Rascal and Friends
Bravo's New Coat
Bravo's Orange Coat
Red says "Hello!"
Bella gets ready
Psych and Friend
The barn
Sleepy Bravo
Bucky's mane
The Red Barn
Psych and Caroline
In the Ring
Painting Jumps
Wonderful Volunteers!
Cooling Off
Trail Ride Time
Big Smiles
Bucky's New Hat
Fox goes for a ride
Fox goes for a ride
Syd at Thorncroft
Trail Class practice
On the trail
Grazing in the field
Riding Missy
Riding Bucky
Gambler wants to help
Hug the Pony
Getting on the horse
Practicing for Special Olympics
Saturday Morning Riders
Ms. Mary and Lucy
Going for a ride
Fair Hil
Musical Ride
Events of 2015
Bucky in the River
Dale at Thorncroft
In the Dixon Oval
Gail's Thorncroft Success
Saying Hello
New Buddies
Reach for the Ears
Gail on Tip
Good Job
Tyler on Pi
Using the Lift
Fun at the Show
Ann on Bucky
At the Walk
Hazel on Mambo
Hazel and Maisie
Ms. Janice and Bucky
Ms. Karen on Frank
Out to the field
Planting New Flowers
Working Hard
Pony Rides on Missy
Building the Pavilion
Stacking Barn Doors
The New Pavilion in Progress
Starbucks Day 2016
The Whole Crew
Planting the Garden
Face Painting Stand
Painting the jumps
Face Painted
Putting up New Fence
The Craft Table
Taking a Break
New Posts
On the roof
Climb Aboard
The Tractor Shed
Walking to the Barn
Cooling off
Pony Rides
Around the Ring
Cowgirl Up
American Flag
Work Done
Fall Horse Shows 2017
Smile for a picture!
Waiting for trail
Leadline ride
During the class
Talking with the Judge
Blue Ribbon Winner
Gail and Tip
Share your food
Watching the classes
On Bucky
Brooks and Bella
Lucy on Frank
Ms. Mary and Gail
Alert and Ready
Awaiting the results
Division Winner
Another Division Winner
A good ride
Walking Around
The Trophy
Waiting for the Trail Class
Trot Your Ponies!
Mark Twain
Chatting with the Judge
Lined Up
Happy Pony
Sleepy Bravo
Over the Ground Poles

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At the Gate

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