Nestled in the hills of Baltimore County, Maryland, the Retreat at Beckleysville is a magical place where riders of all ages do things they never thought possible.  Sometimes they do things they were told they never would.  They surprise their parents, their friends, themselves. They find independence, confidence, and a sense of pride.  They connect with the gentle horses who help them do the "impossible."  

And they never say can't.

We are so proud of Dale and Gail from The Retreat, and Syd from 4-H TRP, who will be riding in the Champion's class in the Dixon Oval at Devon today, May 29th! A huge thanks to all our volunteers, and congratulations to all the Retreat Riders who rode at Thorncroft yesterday! Photos from the event can be seen here.

Special Congratulations to Dale, who was Reserve Grand Champion of the Handicapped Riders Division of the Devon Horse Show!

Starbucks Day has a new date! Come out and volunteer on June 25th!

The Retreat's "Donation To" campaign has begun! - click here to visit the page and donate!

Recently at the Retreat
updated June 2016

Riders from the Retreat competed in the Handicapped Riders Division of the Devon Horse Show. Two Retreat riders and one 4-H TRP rider went on to the Champion's Class in the Dixon Oval at Devon. 

 After a winter filled with snow and ice, the ring is clear and the riders are back! 
 Special Olympics coming up in June means lot of opportunities for both riders and volunteers at The Retreat!