Nestled in the hills of Baltimore County, Maryland, the Retreat at Beckleysville is a magical place where riders of all ages do things they never thought possible.  Sometimes they do things they were told they never would.  They surprise their parents, their friends, themselves. They find independence, confidence, and a sense of pride.  They connect with the gentle horses who help them do the "impossible."  

And they never say can't.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the 100% chance of rain in the forecast for Saturday, May 21st, Starbucks Day has been POSTPONED. A new date for this event is yet to be determined, and will be posted on Facebook and the Retreat website as soon as it is set.

The Retreat's "Donation To" campaign has begun! - click here to visit the page and donate!

Recently at the Retreat
updated March 2016

After a winter filled with snow and ice, the ring is clear and the riders are back! 
Special Olympics coming up in June means lot of opportunities for both riders and volunteers at The Retreat!

The final show of the Fall season went great, even with the chill in the air!

he Retreat's Therapeutic Riding show was a success. Lots of smiling faces on a beautiful day.

We took our wonderful pony Frank to the Fall Fest in Westminster, where he was very popular with the kids! 

The first benefit show took place on September 20th! The show went well and everyone had a great time.

A visiting artist painted this beautiful watercolor picture of the Retreat for us! Archival prints and postcards are now available. Check the Be a Friend
 page for more information.